What You Need To Know About Blepharitis

If your eyes are inflamed and puffy, you might have blepharitis. This inflammatory condition affects the the bottom part of your eyelids where your lashes grow. What happens is that the oil glands at the bottom of your eyelashes get clogged. This causes redness in your eyes and it also makes your eyes irritated. Read on to learn more about blepharitis and how you can treat it.

Blepharitis is chronic and it is also hard to treat. It can make your eyes feel strange and the redness is noticeable so you might start feeling self-conscious if you have this condition. It is relatively harmless and it isn’t going to harm your eyesight.

Some of the symptoms of blepharitis include red eyes and eyes that are watery. Your eyes might sting or feel like they have grit in them. Your eyelids could look greasy and they could also start to itch. Some people experience flaking around their eyelids and your eyelashes might look crusty when you wake up. Sensitivity to light is common and you might blink a lot. You could even start to lose your eyelashes.

The cause of blepharitis isn’t clear, but it can be attributed to many different things. You could have allergies which make it flare up. You might be allergic to your makeup. Eyelash mites are another cause of blepharitis and they can cause itching and other symptoms. You could have clogged oil glands in your eyelids or even a bacterial infection. Rosacea is another cause of blepharitis.

Blepharitis can lead to some secondary conditions that can be a problem. Your eyelashes could start to fall out and your eyelids could scar. Many people end up with dry eyes or eyes that are always tearing up. It might be hard to wear contacts with this condition. You could also end up with a sty which is a painful pimple like lump on your eyelid. You might also end up with chronic pink eye.

There are many different blepharitis treatments that you can try. Eyelid scrubs are helpful because they unclog the pores and remove bacteria. You may also need medicated eye drops or creams. The eye drops can ease watery and dry eyes, while the creams can kill microbes. It is also important to clean your eyelids daily to get rid of any oil and leftover makeup. Warm compresses over your eyes can also help.…